Thursday, January 26, 2023

Creating Valentine Heart Cards For Kids Easy Easy and Fund for Kids to Do!

Creating Valentine Heart Cards For Kids Easy Easy and Fund for Kids toDo!

Show your heart by creating your own Valentines.

Anyone can go to the store and purchase Valentine’s greeting card. However, you are making your cards show caring. You are remarkable when you make a card that you can give to someone special. That special person can mean a romantic relationship, or it can tell a good friend, co-worker, or neighbor. It all depends on the personal message you add to the card. You don’t attain that personalization with a store-bought card.

These are cute Valentines to which you can add your own creative touches. Choose your own colors and ways to color them. Add a bow or rick rack, or lace trim. The cards are yours to make as your own. There is no wrong design. Just do it and amaze yourself.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Heart Decorations Using Blocks

Will show you how to make three cute Valentine's decorations out of tumbling tower blocks. So

These 3 Valentine's decorations are clever but simple to put together. You need paint, glue, tumbling tower blocks, and heart shapes. The valentines are fun to make and will add to your holiday enjoyment. Not only will you want to make several to pass on to those you care about, but you will also want to be sure to keep some for yourself. Valentine's Day can be a delightful holiday. It is not as consuming as some holidays, so adding a few simple touches can be a joyful day. Sometimes you have to add your special touches, especially if that special someone is lacking. You can make it more of a friendship day by reaching out with cards, crafts, and thoughtful actions.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Making a Kids Heart Party Favor for Valentine's Day They are Easy and Fu...

Making a Heart Party Favor

This cute Valentine's favor is sure to be a hit.

You Can make quite a few of these easy-to-make Valentine's party favors. Though the supplies are simple, inexpensive, and quick to construct, those receiving them will enjoy them. You will have fun making these candy-felt flowers. They can be given to enhance a classroom party and handed out to friends and neighbors. It shows thoughtfulness and remembrance.

This kid's craft is Valentine's decoration and a tasty treat. You may want to replace the treat after eating it, or perhaps you will want to keep the decoration intact and resist the temptation to eat it. Either way, this favor will add to the festivities of Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

I don’t Burn my fingers - New Glue Gun. So Happy!

I had an ancient sears craftsman glue gun for so long that I don’t even remember where I got it (Sears, by my husband, bought it 1981).

Unfortunately, it didn’t have any temperature settings, and there was no trigger for applying the glue. So I needed an extra hand to use it.
One day my husband used it to fix Lucy’s cat toy. He must have found it difficult because he gifted me a new one a few days later.
In the beginning, I still wanted to push the glue stick in, but soon I was used to the new one. It is much easier to use and a must for crafting and repairing. I can’t believe I didn’t upgrade sooner. It is one of the most favorite gifts I have ever received.