Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2023 Word to Live by - Kindness

We could all use more kindness in our lives, so that is my 2023 word to follow. Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution that is abandoned by February, I select a word to follow throughout the year. This is the third year I have chosen to pick a Word to Live by. My word for 2023 is “kindness.” I think everyone
could use more kindness in their lives at this time. Usually, if you are kind to someone, they will return the favor. It is a winning situation for everyone. I feel optimistic that I will be able to follow through using this word often throughout 2023. I have found it helpful to post the word on the refrigerator as a reminder. In 2020, my chosen word was grateful. I was successful at being grateful for so many things during that year. My 2022 word didn’t work quite as well. I didn’t feel as joyful often As I should have, but now as we enter a new year, there is a new word to guide me. A new year means a fresh start.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Helping Kids with crafts at The Peoria AZ Westwing HOA Winter Festival C...

The Westwing HOA Winter Festival Celebration

Was a joyous occasion to help over 100 children make a tree ornament.

They recently headed to a nearby park to help at our Home Owners Association’s annual Winter Festival. Families of the neighborhood came to enjoy the activities. I happily volunteered at the kid’s craft table. Over 100 boys and girls crafted a keepsake tree ornament to take home. It was fascinating to see their different designs. Some adults made ornaments too, but the children’s enthusiasm quickly puts one in a holiday spirit. Though we couldn’t find a vendor to truck snow to the desert this year, there was still plenty to do. Bounce castles, face painting, and a rock climbing wall were enjoyed by many. The “free” hamburgers were delicious. Santa and Mrs. Claus were a welcome sight, and the Grinch proved popular. The weather was perfect. Everyone seemed to have had a fun time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Amazing Amaryllis Is Blooming Fast Looks Real Good

The amaryllis bulb has burst with amazingly lush and large vibrant red blooms. Looks so festive

and cheerful for the holidays! The flowers can be enjoyed for a few weeks before they whither. At that point, cut them back to within 1 to 2 inches of the bulb. Put the bulb in a 50 to 55-degree temperature for at least 8 to 10 weeks. The dormant phase will help it bloom again. Then replant it and place it in a sunny location with temperatures of 70 to 75 degrees. Start watering again, and there should be new blooms to enjoy after several weeks. The flower should bloom every winter for about 25 years!

Joan Gets a RIng For Christmas - And She is Not Happy.. To to Dump Someone!

My husband has purchased my Christmas present and usually hides them in the same place. I don’t usually do this because I enjoy surprises, but I am anxious to know what he got me. I want to know ahead of time because I asked for a ring. But the suspense is getting to me. He usually puts my presents in his office. He keeps the door locked when he is not working, but I know where he hides the key.
We will see if “Santa” has gotten me what I desired. So come on in with me and see what I’m getting. What would you like for Christmas?
I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to connecting with you in the New Year. Happy Holidays and best wishes to one and all.

Amazing Amaryllis Is Growing Fast - Look Real Good

Checking up on the amaryllis we planted a few weeks ago; we discover it is doing fabulously. The stem grew very long. This is only the second time in all my years of planting amaryllis for the holidays that I have found the stem to grow so tall. It may need to be staked so that it doesn’t fall over. Also, Lucy has enjoyed digging in the soil. The bulb has benefitted from being placed in direct sunlight and adequately watered. See where a flower should soon emerge at the top of the stem. I will keep an eye on it and give you an updated video when the flower blooms. It looks very promising.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

$1 Christmas Gift Fun and Easy to not tell anyone..but it is real...

Most of us are short on time and lean on budget, so I will show

you an inexpensive, small gift that can be fancied up. You may use the decorations I show or whatever you have on hand. Use your imagination. Friends, neighbors, and even your kids’ teachers do not have to be crossed off your list. You can pass the holiday cheer, and the recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness. While a list notepad from Dollar Tree is not new, I like the added feature of the small monthly tear-off calendar. Do you ever wonder what day of the week an event is falling on as I do? The calendar provides a quick reference. With the magnet on the back, the pad is easily displayed on the refrigerator.

Thank you for joining Lucy and me today. Hope to see you next time.

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Easy and Looks Good .. People and Friends ...

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Easy and Looks Good .. People and Friends will Love These Gifts.

Very Fine Frugal Gifts

I am showing thoughtful, inexpensive gift selections because you may have someone who drops by unexpectedly with something for you. You also may have had to cross people off your list this year, but these suggestions may still allow you to give a little something to a friend, neighbor, baby or pet sitter, or teacher. Pass around some cheer!

The gifts are fine on their own or combined. A gift card can also be added. Anyone appreciates a card to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Add a bow and a floral pick for a lovely presentation.

Some gifts are more general. Can present to almost anyone. Others reflect a person’s hobby or taste. If you match the person to the present, these gifts are sure to please. Remember the adage that the thought counts, so why not spread some cheer? Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for joining Lucy and me today. Hope to see you next time.

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