Friday, March 3, 2023

Jelly Bean Gum Drop on Skewers

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and spring with these easy-to-create treats that double as a colorful floral bouquet.

Grab a jar, some green M&M’s, assorted colors of jelly beans, and wooden skewers. Though our creation with the color selection leans toward St. Patrick’s Day, you can use different colors of jelly beans so that your bouquet is more for Easter or spring. Make the design your own, depending on your tastes. Ours mimics the colors of the Irish flag, which we created with popsicle sticks in a previous video. The green M&M’s represent grass, so you may choose to keep that aspect.

After displaying the lovely food bouquet, you may be tempted to eat the edible arrangement. That is acceptable. Munch and enjoy as you celebrate the seasons and spring holidays. You could do a count down to St. Patrick’s Day or Easter by tasting one skewer each day. I could use it as a Christmas version of the Advent calendar, possibly counting down 10 or 12 days instead of 24.

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